History of Culy Construction

Founded in 1978

Culy Construction & Excavating, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Ron Culy.  It was started as a part time company with one backhoe.  The jobs consisted mostly of small residential and agricultural customers.

Total annual sales for 1978 was $11,000.  Since then, there have been numerous changes that have taken place.  Some of the highlights include: Culy Construction & Excavating, Inc. was incorporated in 1985.  At this time, Ron and Chris Culy employed a total of six people!

Although Culy Construction & Excavating, Inc. has been ever changing, it has ALWAYS operated with the idea that Safety + Quality + Productivity = Efficiency.  We still operate by this same motto today, and it will be an ongoing standard we uphold.

Culy Construction & Excavating, Inc. has also recognized the fact that we are only as good as our people, making our associates our most valuable asset.  We currently operate a fleet of over 250 pieces of heavy equipment!

In our most recent years, we have set Culy Construction & Excavating, Inc. apart from other contractors by becoming one of the most recognized and premier contractors in the underground utilities industries.  This includes electric, gas, water, sewer and storm sewer.  Other services offered include line tapping and line stopping of water, gas, force mains, steam, etc.  Examples of services include but are not limited to concrete Structure Relining, General Concrete Construction, and Large Commercial Fence Construction.  We also support a considerable volume of Ag Drainage and Ag Land Management Division, and are very successful with this area as well.

37 Years of Experience and Growth

After over 34 years of experience and growth, Culy Construction & Excavating, Inc. employs nearly 100 people, with an annual sale of over $20 million, and just completing our largest job to date in 2011 for AEP.  This job was a large underground conduit job through the heart of Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, with a contract value exceeding $13 million.  We are proud to report that we delivered this job on-time and under budget! 

New Company Created

Over the past year, with continued growth and transition of the second generation of Culy’s as well as the second generation of our associates, we have decided to transition the company into 2 major companies.  Culy Construction & Excavating, Inc., under the direction of Ron Culy, will continue to grow with underground electric, gas, and other related business such as concrete, fencing, pier drilling, etc. as well as the Agricultural division.  Culy Contracting, under the direction of Chris Culy, will continue to pursue sewer, water and other related services.

Culy Construction & Excavating, Inc. has always been a company that has never been satisfied with being “ordinary”.  We have always chosen to be advanced, forward thinking, ever-growing, and most importantly always striving to improve.  This is our mission and our belief.  This is the only way of business that is acceptable and will always be upheld.

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