765kV Tower Replacement in 5 days

Culy Construction was engaged by AEP after the devastating Southern Indiana tornado struck the town of Henryville March 2, 2012. The tornado destroyed one 765kV transmission tower without damaging the electric line itself. With the transmission tower out of service, the utlitity company was not able to supply the precious power needed to begin the re-building process. The objective was to drill two (2) new piers next to the old tower, place rebar caging in the 4 foot diameter holes, pour concrete, set new anchor bolts, and prepare for the install of the new high voltage tower. Culy Construction was on-site within 24 hours of the damage, and had the two (2) holes drilled and concrete poured within seven days. Once the concrete cured, the towers were set and the lines re-strung on the new tower. Overall, the utility company was very impressed with our knowledge, skill, and professionalism maintained by our employees during this critical time.

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