Transmission Conduit

Culy Construction's most recent Transmission Conduit Installation was in Columbus, Ohio where we installed almost 6 miles of 138Kv duct. There were many challenging facets to this job, including: installation in busy 4 lane streets, crossing major intersections, working in part of Ohio State's University campus, multiple HDD Crossings, including one bore over 1,600' in solid rock under the Scioto River.

Highlights of the project included:

  • Total of over 258,000 foot of conduit used
  • 15 concrete vaults measuring 22'x8'x7'
  • Over 5,000 yards of thermal concrete encasement
  • Over 26,000 yards of thermal flow fill
  • Over 130,000 man hours with no recordables

This project was both a success for Culy Construction and the electric utility company. With safety being our top priority and having very experienced and dedicated crew in the field, we were able to meet the very aggressive schedule of starting on December 15th and having final completion date of September 1st.

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