Emergency Natural Gas Work
Culy Construction & Power Services responds to gas emergencies at all times of the day.
Established Grade Open Trench
2" Plastic Gas Installation Open Trench
Directional Boring
Culy Construction & Power Services bores using Trenchless Technology whenever appropriate to minimize impact on the land.
Team InsertValve™
Culy Construction & Power Services can insert valves on pressurized gas mains without restricting the flow.
Natural Gas Line Distribution
4" gas line reduction to 2" reduction.
Gas Line Ditch Restoration
Culy Construction & Power Services is dedicated to restoring work sites to their original condition or better.

Gas Distribution - Line Excavation, Installation, and Maintenance Services.

Using only MEA Operator Qualified team members,                                              we provide the following services:


  • Plastic and steel main installation
  • Traditional open-cut and directional boring
  • New business services
  • Fabrication and installations of regulator stations
  • Joint trench installations


  • Replacement plastic and steel main
  • Hot tap/live tie-in capabilities
  • Service line replacement
  • Riser replacement programs
  • Complete service renewals
  • Meter relocations
  • Customer piping and light-up capabilities


  • Cathotic protection
  • Leak survey
  • Right of way clearing
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