Culy Construction & Power Services focuses its man power and equipment on completing tasks safely, efficiently, and with quality.
Pier Drilling
Culy Construction & Power Services has the capabilities to drill shafts as narrow as 18" or as wide as 120" in diameter.
Hydro Excavation Services
Culy Construction & Power Services uses hydro excavation trucks to make working around buried utility lines more precise and safer.
Directional Boring
Culy Construction & Power Services bores using Trenchless Technology whenever appropriate to minimize impact on the land.
Substation Concrete Slab Work
A large part of substation preparation completed by Culy Construction & Power Services includes building concrete transformer pads.
Disaster Relief Services
When disaster strikes from a hurricane, tornado or earthquake, the dedicated Culy Construction & Power Services team is there to help.
Erosion Control
Culy Construction & Power Services personnel are trained and certified in erosion control.
Mat Rental
Culy Construction & Power Services mat rental
Rebar for Footer being lowered into hole
Culy Construction & Power Services drill crews bore holes then pour concrete footers for tower legs.
Rebar for Footer being lifted from Truck
Culy Construction & Power Services drill crews bore holes then pour concrete footers for tower legs.

Electric Transmission & Distribution Construction and Excavation Services

Culy is the INDUSTRIAL LEADER FOR installation, maintenance repair, and replacement for utilities transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Substation Installation & Maintenance
    • Earthwork & Excavation
    • Clearing & Erosion Control with Seeding & Restoration
    • Ground Grid Installation
    • Conduit Installation & Tren-wa Installation
    • Drilled Piers & Concrete Foundations
    • Complete Fence & Gate Packages
    • Hydro Excavation
    • Blast Walls & High Security Fencing
  • Underground Transmission & Distribution Services
    • Conduit Duct Bank Installation
    • Concrete Vault Installation
    • Distribution Line Conduit & Direct Bury
    • Transformer & Switch Gear Installation
    • Cleaning, Inspection & Testing of New & Exsiting Ducts
    • Directional Drilling & Auger Boring Installation
  • Hydro Excavation
    • Complete Hydro Excavation in Energized Substations
    • Trench Excavation & Pier Excavation
  • T-Line Construction
    • Access Road Construction
    • Erosion Control-SWPPP
    • T-Lin Piers up to 12' Diameter & 75' Deep
    • Restoration & Remediation


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